During a warm summer rain…the basins of her collarbones collected water.


Marisa Berenson photographed by David Bailey for Paris Vogue, 1968.

"I’m afraid
of what i will write
if you mend me.
If I start believing
all the nice things
your mouth empties
onto my skin.
What poems
will spill out of a body
filled to the breath
with you.
How can i
remember anything
about wars
or women
when moments with you
are full
and ripe?
hours entirely swallowed
watching your mouth move?
even this poem
is about your voice
and the cities it leaves trembling
inside my stomach.
What will be of poetry
if now,
watching you sleep
is the closest i
ever come
to dying?"
Warsan Shire, Day 22 (via llvnos)


Chloe in Chloe for Purple Magazine #14

I am happy to be single and listening to Fleetwood Mac pandora station


Olaf Martens


Helmut Newton 


Backstage 2006


i will move

i will get my thighpiece done

i will stop being afraid of being told “no”

i will stop being afraid of not having it all together

i will get off my ass

i will slather myself in oils and sweat and kisses until i feel everything is just right

and most importantly, 

i will go the fuck to sleep

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Drunkest ;)

thomas rousset